5 Website Design Trends in 2019


Increasing Viewership: The Top 5 Webdesign Trends of 2019

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a poorly designed web page. As the viewer, you want to visit a page that is easy to navigate, organized, and user-friendly. Most website owners either use custom built websites using HTML & CSS. Other websites are created using a content management system called WordPress. WordPress has many different plugins for design, efficiency, and more. One of the best WordPress backup and storage plugins would be the Duplicator Pro plugin. The Duplicator Pro plugin allows users to easily backup, restore, and clone their existing WordPress websites. As the New Year approaches, here is a list of 5 popular design trends, which will help engage the viewer and increase web traffic.

Overlapping design elements

Good web design is all about the ability to get the visitor to take action. Creating overlapping and collage elements are a method web designers use to encourage user interaction, which can be used to create visual interest to specific types of content on the page. This works by separating elements on the page to provide a less constricting design, which will enhance the over aesthetic. Overlapping elements provide a three-dimensional feeling to create depth and has become a common trend amongst desktop-friendly websites.

Monochromatic or colorless Attributes

When you initially start designing a website, you may ask yourself, where do I begin? You should first come up with a color scheme, which will help you efficiently use color, while also being visually engaging. One option is utilizing a monochromatic color scheme, which will help create a harmonious visually cohesive look. This minimalist approach involves more than just using the same single shade in multiple places in your design. Instead, you’ll choose your base color, plus any number of variations of shades, tones, and tints, which will best complement your base color. Oftentimes, your webpage may require you to fit a lot of information into an already cramped space. So, instead of creating a confusing design packed with a plethora of different bright colors, you can utilize monochromatic design elements to create a more simplistic layout. You could also consider using a grayscale color scheme by eliminating color. If you’re looking to simplify your color palette, embrace the use of gray, black, and white, which aren’t considered colors.

Enhanced and Elevated Images

Web designers have been using enhanced and elevated images for years, which is a way to draw attention to images on the page. By placing an image inside a circle or adding a shadow behind the image is a method web designers use to redirect the viewer’s attention. Another effective method to draw attention is to cut out a piece of an image and add shapes or drawings to create a collage, which will put more emphasis on the design of the site itself. By trimming or overlapping an image in an unexpected way can be used to increase viewer interaction. Allowing elements to flow outside their expected boundaries places more emphasis on elements, which would normally be overlooked.

Retro design aesthetic

Vintage and retro styles always seem to find a way to remain relevant, which has become one of the most popular web design trends. Retro web design elements will often utilize old design themes with a hint of nostalgia. They’ll usually feature a retro color scheme, which will incorporate bright colors and imagery reminiscent of the 1980s. Retro and throwback web designs are easily accessible to the masses and are becoming more widely used.


Using typography has become an overwhelmingly popular web design trend, which involves the arrangement or appearance of printed letters on a page. It often includes cutting and subtracting parts of letters or words to draw attention to a specific area of the page. Typography also may incorporate photography inside the lettering or diagonal lines or shapes.